Sunday, October 11, 2009


Trying to clear out my jewelry board which is overflowing and I need to make space for my luggage for Summer so putting some diva babies here for sale so I know which to bring back and which to keep it here. :)

Please take note that I'll be going back to Malaysia on the 18th of November, and I'll ship things out the day after I arrive (hey need time to unpack no?). If you can't wait, you can pay for the shipping from Melbourne to Australia it'll cost approximately RM 15-20 depending on weight. Or just be a little patient and wait for the little birdie (pos malaysia wtf) to send it to you!! :D

All accessories are from DIVA, brand new with tags.

*click images to enlarge*

1. African Amazonia Beaded Bib Necklace SOLD

from DIVA Collection

formed with itty bitty small gold brass beads and diamante beads.

Wear it like thestylishwanderer.

Retails for AUD 39.99 that's equivalent to RM 120!!!!

RM 50

2. Navy Grosgrain Chain Link and Pearls

layers and layers of goodness.

navy blue grosgrain chainlink and pearls and gold chains. Perfect for layering.

Grosgrain bow at the side to tie all strings attached. :)

RM 35

3. Gl0-Mesh Tassel Scarf/Necklace/Belt SOLD

So long you can play with it, a belt or a scarf or a necklace, you decide.

Length as compared to an 8 inch ruler. Approximately 36inches in length.

The dangling tassels at the end!!

RM 35

4. Queen Victoria Bejewelled Earings

Think Prada, think MiuMiu this SS 2010!! All things bejewelled. Who doesn't like a little too much bling!?

RM 30

4. Cream Crotchet Bejewelled Bib Necklace

Gorgeous crotchet details and girl's best friend. :P Tie back necklace so you can adjust it accordingly.

Close up of the bib. <3 style="font-weight: bold;">RM 35

5. Leatherette Choker with Chains

Ultra long dangling chains from the leather choker, Fierce much?

Alternate of gold, silver and brass chains. It'll fiercen up ANY outfit! :P

RM 40

<span style="font-weight: bold;">6. Pastel Pink Large Peony Ring SOLD OUT

The most breathtaking ring ever, pastel pink hearts formed into a large peony.

measures 2 inches in diametre, it's just pure sex wearing it.

Retails for AUD19.99 which is approximately RM 59.

(I know I have an exact ring but I'm just putting this up to help those who wants it at a cheaper price, and if interested please state the size that you usually wear, Small (1.5cm diameter), Medium(1.7cm diameter) or Large(1.9cm diameter)).

RM 40


  1. ting, would you like to quote me number 2 navy grosgrain chainlink and pearls in AUD and arrange a COD if possible?

  2. T.T

    Love the bib necklaces, the choker and the ring, but no moneyyyy


  3. lavenderfloret: i left a comment on ur cbox! check ok!! =))

    electronicfly: U have a months time to save up before I come back!!! If u really want I can reserve for u first! :)

  4. i would like to buy Cream Crotchet Bejewelled Bib Necklace and Pastel Pink Large Peony Ring in medium. XD still available?

  5. babe..i want the first one..ill wait for u to come back plzz..
    pretty pleashhhhh..:))
    thankss dear!
    email me at

  6. Shirley: Can u email me instead?? smilin_ting (@)

    Zafira: ok dear mailed u!! <3