Saturday, August 9, 2014

Made in Korea and Forever New.

#White oversized pussybow blouse (*MADE IN KOREA/ BRAND NEW)
 photo DSC00564_zps957df552.jpg
Super love this shirt! It's a great classic, but slightly vamped up with the oversized bow and balloon sleeves. Only letting it go 'cause I have like 10 white shirts in my wardrobe. T__T

 photo DSC00566_zps30df52f2.jpg

 photo DSC00565_zps326d8649.jpg
Hands down my favorite part of this shirt. MAJOR LOVE!

- Made in Korea
- Brand new
- Oversized pussybow
- Balloon sleeves
- Buttoned-up front
- Made of cotton
- Free size.

RM85 inclusive of shipping.


#2. Abstract print drawstring pants (MADE IN KOREA)

Am a huge fan of printed pants, they really make an outfit look so much more interesting.

This one is a keeper because of its unique turquoise shade. *thumbs up*

You can view more photos of this pants here:

- Made in Korea
- Stretchy drawstring highwaist
- Made of polyester mix
- Free size (Fits up to UK10)
- Lightly worn once

RM60 inclusive of shipping.


#3. Chiffon shirt with ruffled lace back (MADE IN KOREA)  photo IMG_0585_zpsc52eedcd.jpg

 photo IMG_0587_zpse76d30b4.jpg

A classic shirt in a nude hue (the best for it goes with any colors!), with a surprise to the back-- layers of ruffled lace!

- Made in Korea
- Ruffled lace layers to the back
- Buttoned-up front
- Made from chiffon
- Free size
- Lightly worn once.

RM55 inclusive of shipping.

#4. Celine-inspired leather pocket dress (BRAND NEW)

As seen on Celine Fall/ Winter runway.

Front view.

Back view.

Super love this dress! But didn't find an occasion to wear it out yet, so I am letting it go here. T__T It's brand new, I have only worn it for a very short while to snap these photos.

Love the leather pocket and trimmings.

- Mock leather pocket, trimmings and skirt
- Made of linen
- Brand new (only worn for these photos)
- Free size.

RM60 inclusive of shipping.


#5. Polka dot embossed pleated full skirt (MADE IN KOREA/ BRAND NEW)
 photo DSC00568_zpscdf7ecbd.jpg
LOVEEEE this skirt! Bought it in Korea during Spring this year, but am letting go 'cause I actually already have a pale pink dotted skirt already. :/

  photo DSC00570_zps6edbc828.jpg
Made of very good dotted embossed material, in the softest, most romantic pink. :D

- Made in Korea
- Brand new
- Textured dotted material (polka dot embossing)
- Deep knife pleats
- Fitted high waist (28 inches)
- Lined

RM90 inclusive of shipping. 


#6.  Forever New Mosaic scarf print silk dress
  photo DSC00560_zps9fbbc595.jpg
Feel so sad to let go of this dress, 'cause I can't tell you how much I love the print and the unique blue shade. T_T But it's a little snug for me FML.

  photo DSC00562_zpsfccea4fe.jpg
Back view.

  photo DSC00561_zps9f8d622a.jpg
Close up of the print. Comes with adorable ruched pockets!

   photo 1917202_208975396229_6857946_n_zpscbaf9489.jpg
Worn for dinner for a Singapore trip. Remember what I said about only wearing my favorite clothes for trips? :P

- Forever New
- Made of silk
- Empire cut with rounded ruched pockets
- Lined
- Worn lightly once (only selling 'cause it's a little tight T_T)

RM60 inclusive of shipping.

 Email me at crescent_masquerade[at], and happy shopping!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brand new and Made in Korea items.

#1 Porcelain print dress with puffed sleeves *MADE IN KOREA*
 photo DSC00424_zps00513e29.jpg
A really fun dress in a gorgeous print!

  photo photo21_zpsc54f75cc.jpg
Woven textured fabric.

- Made in Korea
- Made of woven linen-like material
- Fits up to UK10
- Fitted waist with pleats to skirt
- Puffed 3/4 sleeves
- Lined
- Worn lightly once.

RM85 inclusive of shipping.


#2 Topshop chiffon draped dress *BRAND NEW*
  photo DSC00506_zps070969f3.jpg
As you can see, it still has tags attached! Really love this dress, originally planned to wear it with a denim jacket for day; and by its own for night events. :)

  photo DSC00507_zps8a87f56f.jpg
Beautiful soft drapery is love. :D

- Bought from Topshop Singapore
- Brand new with tags attached (retailed for SGD66)
- Stretchy body
- UK10, but fits UK8 due to fitted stretchy nature

RM55 inclusive of shipping.


#3 Embroidered geometric floral full skirt *Made in Korea/ BRAND NEW*
  photo DSC00511_zps08719277.jpg
A brand new skirt that I got from Korea! Only selling it 'cause I have an identical one in pink. T_T

  photo DSC00504_zps96dffa3b.jpg
In a gorgeous and intricate embroidery pattern.

- Made in Korea
- Brand new
- Fitted highwaist with zipper closure
- Fits up to UK10
- Lined

RM85 inclusive of shipping.


#4 Contrast-trimmed backless cocktail dress *BRAND NEW*
  photo DSC00501_zpseb7bdd0f.jpg
Bought this from Melbourne, but has never been worn 'cause it's actually too small for me. T_T I fell in love with the gorgeous and convinced myself that I will lose weight to fit into it haha.

  photo DSC00499_zpsaae33a01.jpg
Comes with a pleated front to the tulip skirt, and a geometric cutaway neckline.

  photo DSC00502_zps6231a34d.jpg
Another closer look at the sexy yet tasteful back.

- Bought in Melbourne
- Brand new, never been worn.
- UK6
- Made of lightweight satin
- Zipper closure to the side
- Tulip skirt with pleated front

RM50 inclusive of shipping.

#5 Pale pink pleated wrapover dress with waistsash *Made in Korea/ BRAND NEW*
  photo DSC00509_zps5322e2f2.jpg
The perfect OL dress, really! Unfortunately, I don't have much use for it 'cause I no longer work in a corporate environment, hehe. Love the unique wrapover neckline, and the flowy dual-layer skirt.

  photo DSC00510_zps399be00a.jpg

- Made in Korea
- Brand new, never been worn
- Made of soft satin
- Pleated overlay wrapover neckline
- Puffed sleeves with contrast buttons
- Flowy dual-layer skirt
- Comes with detachable waistsash
- Fits up to UK10
- Lined

RM100 inclusive of shipping.


Also, I still have 2 more items up for sale from my previous post:

#6 Mint green polka dot with contrast-bow sleeves  photo IMG_4789_zpsc0d22614.jpg
These photos are taken with flash, hence the top looks quite sheer! But in real life, it's not-- just wear nude undergarments and you should be fine. :)

 photo IMG_4792_zps90e2869a.jpg
You can view more photos of this top here:

- Made of chiffon
- Slit sleeves adorned with contrast satin bows
- Elastic ends to sleeves; elastic bubble hem
- Free size
- Lightly worn once (for dinner)

RM35 inclusive of shipping 

#7 Rose print low-back romper with ruffles  photo DSC_0900_zpsf3fb3f08.jpg
One of my favorite rompers ever! Love the print, the soft flowy material, the ruffles that frame the sleeves...

 photo DSC_0890_zpsd058d28b.jpg
.... and the best part-- a sexy low back with ribbon-ties!

You can view more photos of this romper here:

- Made of textured chiffon
- Keyhole to neckline
- Paneled body with fitted waist
- Ruffles to sheer sleeves
- Low-back with ribbon-ties
- Flowy bottom
- Best fit UK6-8
- Lightly worn once (for shopping)

RM50 inclusive of shipping

Email me at crescent_masquerade[at], and happy shopping!